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a) Who are you to tell people what to do on the Internet?
b) You think he wouldn't be out to 'solicit sex' from children if MySpace didn't exist?

Should they also ban Yahoo! from having user accounts? I got a 'sexual solicitation' from somebody in my area, reading my Yahoo! account profile, who communicated this to me by emailing to my Yahoo!email address. This was in 2000, when I was thirteen.


Rashakil Fol- can't agree with ya more. Although, at the same time, I will argue that Myspace doesn't always do enough to ensure privacy.

(although, I must admit, privacy on a public site sounds pretty oxymoronic...;) )

Dude- Where in Chi do ya live?


Maybe your right Rashakil Fol,i just think its not safe posting anything on there anymore......

I dunno


Well, I certainly agree it's not a good idea to put all your personal information anywhere on the web if you're a child.


Frankly, education is the key. Parents need to educate the children about the dangers lurking in every corner of the internet. They should be told in no uncertain terms that giving out personal info online is a strict no-no. Any violation of said rule is grounds for punishment.


I use myspace...and hate it....i am always messaged by random strangers who want one thing.... (guess) ...its ridiculous but thats what my ignore instinct is for :)

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