Would it be possible to get a virus from viewing my friend's myspace page ? I was logged into MySpace and clicked to open her page and while writing her a comment, Norton Antivirus popped up telling me that i have a virus ( Trojan.Ducky.B ) or something like that. Norton said that it was located in the Temporary Internet Folder somewhere.
Now, I know for sure that my friend's computer is heavily infested with viruses and spyware. I know that becaue i'm on my way today to format her HD. So was it coincidental that i got the virus warning while viewing her page or is that not possible ?

Thanks for your time !

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I am currently dealing with the same dilemma. A roommate was browsing myspace and got the same message on Symantec. I am at a loss. My laptop keeps shutting down by itself. I don’t even get a chance to try to get rid of it before it turns off!


mgregory211: What action did you take when Norton notified you of the virus? Was it the same virus?

As soon as I recieved the message, I located the virus in my temporary files and deleted it immediately. You can do this by clicking: Start-->Run. Type "%temp%" into the box and click OK. Then delete the entire contents of the folder.

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