I have 3 PC, and each PC have only 1 NIC(10/100). So is it possible to connect them peer2peer with an Y-cable ? (w/o hub or switch or router). :rolleyes:
If that true. Plz show me how to make that Y-cable. Thx.

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you would have to wire up some sort of box to make all transmit pairs 1 and 2 resend on each receive pairs 3 and 6. I have never heard of anyone trying this so I am quite interested to know if it works. From the PC's perspective it would have to be like a hub and it shouldn't care (as long as it is half duplex on the NIC settings for each.)

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This is not possible. You need a hub or a switch to connect 3 or more computers. Or, you can have one computer with two NIC cards, and a crossover cable, and then turn on packet forwarding.

Do not deviate from standards. Design your network right the first time.



All kidding aside, that is most definately the path to the dark side.

I have seen people "split" cables like this, it won't accomplish exactly what you are trying to achieve. Since the brown and blue pairs don't match up with the tx and rx of the first pc it wont work for what you want to do.

Is this is school project or a network you want to use? If you want to use these machines I would just go buy a little hub or switch.


You have seen people "split" cables like this? N it isn't work? Ok thank for your sharing. :)

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