John A 1,896 Vampirical Lurker Team Colleague

MySpace seems to be where all the kids go -- it's the online meeting place for a lot of young people. But it also seems to be a place where pedophiles hang out, something that MySpace is trying to change.

It seems as though MySpace is trying to incorporate one big website out of all the others; it includes videos, mail, blogs, and trys to add a social aspect to this mix as well. Aside from being a danger to young kids, it also has had a number of phishing attempts and a recent QuickTime exploit.

One might argue that you could compare a site like MySpace to DaniWeb. But I would argue the following: 1, this is aimed at IT professionals, and not kiddies. This makes discussion more mature and safe. 2, It's not realtime chat (if you exclude IRC). 3, it's actually educational. You can get help on this site if you need it, and you can learn a lot. This is the number one reason why I visit here.

The problem that MySpace and many other chatrooms don't see, is that when attempting to create an online site parallel to the real lives we lead, is the anonymity of the Internet. There is simply no way of verifying that the person you're talking to you is really who they say they are. This makes MySpace far more dangerous than any real-life situation. No effort of MySpace to exterminate these people will be able to change this.

So the real question is, why do you even need MySpace? If it's simply a collection of other websites, the only thing other websites can't offer is the social part. Which you have to be pretty desperate to want anyway, if you can't be social in your real life. Even if you can't be social in your real life, surely you've heard of instant messaging.

I love blogging and creating a website, watching videos, and almost all the things that MySpace offers, but I prefer to do so on dedicated websites. Especially since I hate registering for websites to access a lot of the features.