Hello, I'm new to daniweb community and it's very exiting and useful place to share idea and problems. but i have this problem. every time i login i get a message about invalid combination password. and i'm sure that it's my valid mail with my valid password. so every time i have to send a request to my mail to login to daniweb. Is this a normal case or i missed something?

Yes, you're missing something :)

When you do a lost password request, it changes your password to a random unknown combination of characters, and logs you into the edit profile page. You need to reset your password to something and save that. At this point, your password is some unknown entity, so you will want to go ahead and change it from your edit profile page ;)

i did that. and every time i change the password to a new one. but i still get this oops message

i'm sorry about this but i was missing something. i tried again and i was looking to the request email and i notice that i have a username. the problem was that i was trying to login with my email instead of my username.
thank you.

Ah, gotcha. Glad you got it sorted. To be honest, other people have had the same problem as you in the past. Is the email not clear??

The email is clear but it's my fault because i didn't notice about the username. Most of community and social media that i joined, i usually use my email address to login. (i get used to do so. It's about habitude) . Maybe in daniweb you can make this possible.


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That's a great idea because that is how most social media is likel

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