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I mean I love software the way it's designed and it's pretty cool :D

I have collected loads of ebooks, software, OS'ses also Linux OS'ses cause I love it so much, plus I also have snap shotted photos of my favorite softwares and extracted the setup of the software just to get the JPG of the sample effects :D and so on.

I even love the older versions of created software :D It's so amazing the users and creators created history and now advanced into newer stuff :D

I think both words obession and passion fall in the same catagory for me :D

Do you think I have an obsession or a passion with tech and software?

Yes. Yes, I do ;-P There is a fine line between technophilia and technomania. I had a friend who claimed to be a pyrophile. A nudge in the wrong direction however...

Do you think I have an obsession or a passion with tech and software?

Passion, yes. Borderline obsession too. Not that there's anything wrong with it as long as it doesn't take over your life; I have a similar passion when it comes to software development.

Obsession is something destructive and unhealthy. As long as it makes you feel happy, productive and won't stress you out. Well there's nothing to worry though :) Stay being passionate :)

In my humble opinion, I think you are pretty normal, unless you are having dreams about these stuffs like I always have :)(: .

welcome to Geeks Anonymous. Now insert peg A into slot B, take the presented punch card to the reader over in section 101a, and present it for your official membership lava lamp.