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So I just got a mac mini, hopefully it will last a good 5-10 years, I need mac os for adobe cloud, it is untouchable at the minute, otherwise I would have spec'ed a small mini box wiped it and put linux on.

But meh yeosemite icons look and feel is so crappy. Flat design really makes it look poor.

What does anyone else think?

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About the design? I can't afford a mac so I have elementary os on my home pc, kind of gives me the feeling of having a mac but at the same time is Linux, win win :D

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Yeah I got elementaryos too, would stick with linux if they supported adobe but I doubt that any time soon.

To be honest it Yeosemite looks like it has copied elementary and hasn't done a great job. Ha.

What do you mean by "Adobe" ?

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Adobe as in creative cloud, photoshop illustrator and indesign.

I need it for parts of my job. I guess why adobe have never bothered to support linux is that it isn't really a large enough market to warrant development.

Off topic I just found a really great alternative for creative cloud in affinity designer. Again, shame it only exists for macs.

But that ain't an issue now I got my mac mini.

Not quite using Yosemite at the moment. I heard it makes the Mac crawl even after good amount of RAM and HDD spaces.

I agree tompatrick

At my current company, the 50% of the mac population rushed to yosemite like the good little mac-fanboys they are claiming it's "better, sleeker, more streamlined". Not a week goes buy before I'm bombarded with shit like "my mail won't collect messages, my test labs dont work, office is having issues, can I revert?".

This whole push to a 'flat' style desktop is the most annoying trend I can think of.

Stop making eveything 'transparent' for a 'coolness' effect... all you are doing is using up processing cycles for no reason... go back to solid window colors.

Stop making things appear and dissappear... Window borders and scroll bars actually have multiple uses.

Thanks for the .local dns suffix thing too btw...

wasnt microsoft peckish when they released windows 8 and 8.1 didnt they rush too?

I got problem with switching keyboards (international). it's extremely slow compared to previous versions.

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I actually like yeosamite UX now it has grown on me.

I prefer Mavericks and sadly can't go back. :(

I use both OS Yosemite 10.10.3 and Windows 8.1. Yosemite starts growing on you after you learn how to spell it.

My classmate has Yosemite thing MacBook, he tried to run virtual machine, Windows 8.1 from USB to his "Bootcamp". It was copied but the setup wouldn't let him through. It kept asking for working .iso, but it was working one.

Not a lot of contribution to your topic, but it is something worth knowing. If I see him tomorrow, I'll ask him for you. He may be able to provide more feedback about this.

Could've been a corrupted(for example during the creation of that copy) .iso image

Back with some little interview from him. It turns out Mac is just great for him. It happens sometimes that the programs crash at begin and that he needs to relaunch them. Sometimes his network card is just resetting network environment so he needs to reconnect to the network.

As for external applications, he says you need to change certain things in firewall. Because you can easily download items from iStore, but apparently even as big companies like Google, produce apps that can't be installed without little changes in dem firewall.

He is heavily disrecommending Apple Mouse, says it's extremely wonky, that in first 0.2s it scrolls almost nothing and in another 0.8s it scrolls like crazy in any direction you moved the wheel.

According to him Mac is more for productivity, that means if you're webdeveloper, artist, programmer, webdeveloper you could stick to iOS family while if you're gamer, you either buy Windows or dual-boot it. He himself uses "Parallels".

When you watch a movie, don't use QuickTime, he says it for some strange reason. Take the .avi file, and then converts it into .avi file to play it, essentially leaving you with 2 copies of the file. The worst part being that it takes extremely long. But if you install a new external player, everything should work just fine.

Programs work without bigger problems with optimal performance. Virtual machines are supported and are as easy as swapping your three fingers across the touchpad.

That's all I could actually ask, I'm not really a guy to interview other people. I asked questions that seemed vital.

If you can't afford a Mac why not make a hackintosh???

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