if this is in the wrong area, I'm sorry. :)

I'm looking for a good alternative for python on linux/wine that's capable of this:
^ the popup under my cursor

I need that specific level of informative intellisense, which I can't seem to find in any other IDE.
(most IDE's refer to "intellisense" as "Code Completion", especially for linux)
^ most (if not all) of those IDEs can't do what the image displays

pleeeease don't mention Eclipse...
it's faar from the level of informative intellisense I need, and it's slow.

I can deal with if it doesn't support SLN, though it would be more useful if it did.

I've tried:
- Eclipse
- Geany (doesn't have the support)
- Mono Develope (supports SLN, but not pyproj)
- spyder (doesn't have it)
- Ninja IDE (havn't used it long enough to know the support, though it's not as convenient)
- PyScripter (SLOW, don't remember how good it's intellisense support was (if any))

Code::Blocks looks promising, but I can't seem to find a working python plugin for it.

what else could I try??
thanks :)

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(most IDE's refer to "intellisense" as "Code Completion", especially for linux)

That's because the term 'Intellisense' is a trademark of Microsoft. Other developers can't use that name. In any case, 'auto-completion' was the term used long before Microsoft introduced their version of it.

As for IDEs, I think both PyCharm and Eric have good auto-completion, but I'm not sure if either one have quite the feature you are looking for.

I agree, Eric can do this.

thanks guys :)

That's because the term 'Intellisense' is a trademark of Microsoft. Other developers can't use that name. In any case, 'auto-completion' was the term used long before Microsoft introduced their version of it.

oh crap!
/was building my own python IDE with features to work with my program's scripts

glad I pulled back from PyQt here (switching to GLFW) before I got into trouble for this. =P
many thanks! =)

though I might not use "auto-completion" to describe the feature I was implementing...
auto-completion typically refers to a popup selection-box for variable/method names.
I was thinking "code-hinting" (seen once, forget which IDE) would better describe that feature. >_>

having an issue with calltips... (the feature mentioned)
it may just be my ignorance :P

know what to do here??
(I've enabled it and all, but there's no built in APIs) >_>

stupid edit-timeout >_<

I just installed other plugins for this (Eric-Official) to get this working, and it's not :/

how can I get them to show??

is there a key that's supposed to activate it??
(like how Ctrl+Space brings up the auto-complete options)

where's my info on what the vars can hold and what not?? :/

Have you tried Editra? Editra is a lightweight text editor (written entirely in Python) with really fast code-completion/auto-completion for python.

It also has call-tips/code-hinting for variables in your code (as per your screenshot!), but the call-tips are a little slower than the auto-completion. You have to select the variable-name and hover for a second or two before the call-tips/hints appear.

This functionality also relies heavily on docstrings. It works well for most libraries as they tend to be clearly documented, but for it to work well with your own code, you need to ensure that you clearly document your own classes/methods etc using docstrings for the tips to be really useful.

Also, whilst Editra is only a simple text editor, you can use Editras built-in plugin manager to download and install a few plugins that will turn Editra into a fully fledged, but still extremely fast and lightweight Python IDE.

commented: nice and descriptive :) +3

Editra is nice until you come to Python's input() function.

+1 for editra

installs from Ubuntu Software Center too ;)

also, the code tips work JUST like VS2010 (you don't need to click on the var or whatever) :)

Huh, dont remember PyScripter being slow, but Pycharm is good and Komodo IDE has Python support.

Huh, dont remember PyScripter being slow

heh, ok, maybe that's just because the last time I used it was when I was on my secondary compy:
Intel Celeron (Pentium4) x86 2.93GHz (single core), 2GB RAM, IntelGFX

who here remembers the time those CPUs were the best thing around :P

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