I want to install android with my windows 7 laptop,So the question is how can i give 100 Gb to linux and 800 Gb to windows.
I have unsorted the 100 gb place for linux from windows.Plz tell me what to do next....?


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I don't really know why you'd want to install Android on a laptop, but I guess it's possible (with android-x86). I would recommend a proper desktop version of Linux instead, like some variant of Ubuntu for example.

Generally, to make place for a Linux installation, you would go to Windows and shrink the partition(s) so as to create 100GB of free space (leave it unpartitioned). Then, during the Linux installation (booting from a LiveCD / LiveUSB drive), you will reach a point (one of the first things to set) where you can specify where to install it, and at that point, you can either select to manually specify the partitions ("advanced") or you can set it to "use the free-space" (or something similar) which is going to partition your free-space in some default way that should work just fine.

For example, for Ubuntu, you can follow these detailed instructions, which are written for Windows 8 but are just the same for Windows 7. If you don't want to use a journaling file-system (the btrfs mentioned in that tutorial), you should select EXT4 instead of btrfs in the partitioning menu when selecting the format for the / mount-point.

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Agree 98% with Mike2K, except the 2% that is the fact that EXT4 is a journalled file system. :-) Minor point, but agree - btrfs is still too new to rely upon for a reliable system. Ext3 and ext4 are both based upon the old ext2 file system, but with better (and faster) recoverability. The good thing is that they all can use the ext2 utilities.

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Thanks, I didn't know ext4 was a journaling FS.
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