Does anyone know if there is an e-mail client which has the following properties:

1) Running on Android and Linux (Ubuntu/Linux Mint)
2) Supporting POP3 and MAPI
3) Supporting the possibility to have a message store on a cloud service (i.e. Dropbox).

I wish to be able to retrieve locally stored messages both when on Android and on Linux..

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I thought Gmail was a browser-based e-mail client ?
That's an alternative..

Gmail is definitely a browser-based client, but gmail clients are available for most mobile devices as well, which are not browser-based.

But I have a bunch of e-mail accounts which I want to centralize in one e-mail client. Today I'm using Thunderbird on Linux and it serves my needs very well, EXCEPT that the message store for the time being is local. And as far as I know there is no Thunderbird-version for Android...

Can I use Gmail to collect mail from different e-mail accounts ??

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