Hi Guys, and Dani.

How about a mobile app of the site? Not an app that just opens the real website - those are just a waste of time. I'm talking about something like the facebook app? It updates every few minutes and you still have direct contact with the other users, it's just through a mobile.

And what do my fellow users think? Would you use it?

Just a suggestion :)

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Anyone can use our API and write a mobile version of DaniWeb. There was an iOS version in the works awhile back but it seems to have fallen off the radar. Someone mentioned an Android app sometime fairly recently, but I'm not sure of the status of that.

Plenty of us would love a mobile app (something that makes DaniWeb usable on Android would be very cool) but as Dani says, someone has to want it enough to actually code it. AIUI the numbers just are not there from the device access perspective to make it a priority (or even just make it for that matter) on the in-house todo list.

If you just want to watch new articles then my API test is an option:


Login there and then open DwArticleWatch. Am open to suggestions, but a little short on time lately.

Thanks pritaeas! Will definitely check it out! And I agree with happygeek that a mobile app would be great. I would code if if i actualy knew how :D haha.

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