I'm thinking about making a multiple choice test progam with several hundred questions that I want to have randomly asked within the program. What would be the language of choice to do so?

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Perhaps you should start with the language(s) you know.

Any complete language will in principle do the job. Mostly, it will depend on YOUR skill with a particular language.

It also depends on where you want it to run. Is it a desktop (windows, mac and/or linux), a tablet or a phone (iphone, android, win7 soon and proprietary os's) or a server (linux or windows). The platform that you want to use will lead to a more limited range of choices. On the other hand (as per the previous response), if you want to use a language that you already know, that will dictate which platform(s) it can be run on.

I would like to run it on the desktop, but nothing special. I'm thinking C++, but I'm relatively new to all languages. I was thiking however, that it might be better to store the questions/answers in a mySQL database....any thoughts on that?

Sure, why not.
It's as good an approach as any other, and you'll learn some things doing it.

In fact, solving the SAME problem in several different ways is also a good way to learn how to answer "what is the best way to solve this problem" questions for yourself.

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If your main objective is to write it in some language that's find. If what you really want is the actual tool, then you might want to consider downloading something that already works. One example is:

The best language is the language that has:
1) File Input
2) Console Input
3) Console Output
4) IF statements

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