Hi everybody,

I'm in need for the completly list of e-mail adresses on a phpBB-board. I've looked around for help on this on Google, but I can't manage to find any answers..

Is there any easy way to do this, or is hacking the final solution?

( if anybody have instrcutions/tutorial, please send me them to ytregnn@hotmail.com )

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I don't know if that's a solution? Can it be so hard to get a couple of e-mail adresses?


Probably not, seeing as to the major security problems with most versions of the product.
But we're not going to help spammers and identity thieves get access to means to steal email addresses (and other information).


If people hide the email addresses then they don't want you to have it. So you should PM them and ask them. Don't steal it.


phpBB is making a HUGE STEP in the right direction!!

They have just released Beta 1 of version 3.0 and it runs WONDERFULLY on 98!!! (I couldnt ever use a phpBB site cause the code was too old,it kept freezing,etc....... (ONLY WHEN LOGGED IN))

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