Hi can someone help please, I am working for a company which has just been taken over. I need to send out 10,000 e-mails all at the sametime (the same document to all of them) to our clients and customers detailing the change.

I have a list of e-mail 10,000 e-mail addresses, and I am using Ms Outlook 2003 connected to an Ms exchange 5.5 server.

Thank you

Daryl :cheesy:

You will have a hard time with that one. Looks way to much like you want to spam.

You seriously might want to look into doing something with ASP or similar to do this-- Outlook might not be the most robust method of doing this.

Alternatively, if the Exchange server has a group ala "Everyone", then you might be able to send it to that group.

Hello webbies...I'm new at this posting ting so hope this shows up in the right place....

I use IE 6.o and just installed mswordpro 2003 which of course pref email is outlook O3 /xp/
sys is in good shape well maintained....no bugs/mal/adware

Here's the prob
In IE using "send page" has always worked with no prob....today I sent one page groovy and then went to send another (both from truthout) and on the second a di-box popped up which I closed wiothout viewing- never changed any prefs. then all the sudden I couldnt send webpages./..all pages I tried to send (as tests) - there was either nothing, OR all the components of webpg were sent as separate attachments...CRAZY
What I did realize after bolwing a whole afternoon obsessing over this, and trying everything under the sun, incl a sys restore, is that if I now want to send a web intact, I have to save it before I send... pain in the whiskers..
all msgs in HTML, yes internet view enabled, i just dummo whassup, and 2003 may have outsmarted me for the moment
Outlook 2000 and OE never gav ethis kind of hiccough
anyone who can help respond/pleez to me at the address here - see modification blacksandsja@(remove this-don't know when I will be back on forum ) yahoo.com