I am so ignorant at this and am probably in the wrong area. However, I copied and edited a script for a client at www.bahamasoulmates.com/applicationform.htm I followed all the instructions and it looks OK in the browser but when I did a trial run and clicked "submit" it just took me to an open email window with the address of the recipient. None of the details of the completed form were there. What am I missing please?:o

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alihamilton - Ok, well I think I can be of some help.

#1 - You have no JavaScript attached to the HTML page, or inline Javascript inorder to process the email form the way you are suggesting you want to have it work . This is the key component missing for this to work! :)

For source code to assist you in the programming try Planet_Source_Code :!:

Hope this helps! :cool:


help,,i hope this is the right place to put this notation. i cannot delete any email from yahoo or bellsouth..also some of my secured sites bank etc i cannot access either....on the email i get done with errors....bank sites i don't get a message...

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