Not exactly the most surprising news ever, that Anonymous is planning an all out DDoS war on World Cup corporate sponsors during the football tournament.

Personally, I wish them luck. Cannot stand football, in fact hate it with a passion and the world cup period is a nightmare every four years with no escape wherever you go and whatever you do. Media coverage is ridiculous in the UK, anyone would think that football is some kind of religion. I also have no love for the large corporates which sponsor such events, being an anarchist at heart.

Your mileage may well vary :)

I have no love for the World Cup but every country has their sport they go bananas over (UK = football, Canada = hockey, USA = american football etc..). At least the World Cup is a global tournament (unlike the World Series).

I don't understand the point of this attack. What are they protesting? If they are protesting the Brazillian gov't wasting money on a sports tournament while many of their people stuggle to feed themselves then why are they targetting the sponsors who help pay for the tournament so that it cost the gov't less?

Unlike the South African World Cup, I haven't heard of the corporate sponsors demanding poor people be rounded up and moved elsewhere for the duration of the tournament so I don't see any reason they in particular should be targetted. If they want to protest multi-national monopolies & corporate power why link it to the World Cup? If they want to protest the corruption in the World Cup then why are they targetting the sponsors, surely targetting the gov'ts involved and FIFA would make more sense?

Sounds to me to be primarily a publicity-stunt/show-of-power rather than hackivism.