1. At what age and how long have you been programming for?
  2. Whats your favorite languages and why?
  3. Did you find it hard to get started?

I am on my third year in the bachelors degree of IT and am enjoying programming but i feel that I take longer than usual to get my head around things

  1. I started with BASIC on my Apple IIGS in elementary school. Then I moved onto Visual Basic in middle school. Then C++ in high school. Then started DaniWeb with PHP in college.
  2. PHP :)
  3. No.

Sorry for my blunt response ... I'm half asleep and trying to get some stuff finished before bed.

  1. 16 in collage but most of the course was written work or MS Access DB so really started at 19 in uni.

  2. C# and SQL because I haven't tried much else.

  3. I did because I've always found it hard to consentrate when reading or listening. I always hated education but stuck with it and I'm glad I did. It paid off in the end.

  1. 15, for 18 years.
  2. C#, C++, and C, presently.
  3. Of course.
  1. Since I was 18 in 1972 at University
  2. Visual Basic since I retired in '08 because it is relatively straightforward but I've always had a thing for APL. Most of my programming over all has been in FORTRAN.
  3. Not really, but programming wasn't as complex back then.
  1. When I was about 14, I think. Started in Visual Basic, but quickly moved on to Delphi, and to C++ a few years later. But used many other languages too along the way (C, Fortran, Python, Java, SQL, html/js/php, Matlab, etc.).
  2. C++ because of the endless possibilities from close-to-the-metal stuff to high-level sugar-coated coding, and never any undue compromises.
  3. No, I thought it was fun and intuitive from the start. And when it got "hard", I welcomed the challenge.
  1. I was about 9 basic programming. CGI with Perl at 10 and then, I almost took over the world when I was 10 ( Just Kidding :), but it was true though). I was banned for 3 years to use any kind of computer or anything that may appear or have resemblance to a computer. I wrote my codes on my journal everyday. When 3 years was up, that's the time they told me they think I was good :).

  2. PHP and Python . I love PHP because I can pretty much make anything from it. When I am lazy, I would always fell in love with Python all over again, because I don't have to type them time consuming curly brackets like in PHP :).

  3. No, I did not find it hard to get started. I have 3 older brothers who were and still are in the Silicon Valley when the technology boom started. I thought learning how to code was a prerequisite to be able to join the grown ups club.

  1. I was 11 years old. Been programming for 10 years. Currently in University for Mathematics and Computer Science, and I'm still learning.

  2. I don't really have a favourite language. Thought, if you pressed me, I kind of like Scheme based languages. My usual preferences would be C, C++, Python, Perl, Racket/Scheme(s), J, sometimes assembly (usually embedded RISC architectures), sometimes fortran / matlab and even maple / mathematica. Though, a lot of my work doesnt involve programming at all, even if it's untimate purpose is to be implmented.

  3. No.

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