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well ... first it's good thing to know that jmf is pretty out of date, and hasn't been updated for years.

the "how to do that" is most likely a lot more to explain than you want to read in a simple post.

what have you got so far? have you already started on your code?


No i didnt started yet..... i just used jmf to play audio files..... If JMF is out of date means... which technology is good to do that.......

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Thank you.... is it possible to grab the audio from the webcam and stream to socket.......


grab the audio from webcam .... cam -> graphical data -> .....
I assume you mean your microphone? ehm, I suggest, you start with 'getting the data from the microphone' before you start wondering on how to stream it.


The hard part will be to get the webcam's audio stream - I can't help you with that. Once you have the audio in the form of some kind of in-memory byte array buffer, streaming it to a socket is simoply a case of opening a data output stream for the socket and writing the data to it.

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