Hello everyone.

I've joined daniweb mainly because I need some guidelines for programming. I currently know some VBA, R and HTML which is not a lot, but I'd like to change that in the nearest future :)

I've noticed that probably the best way to learn to program is to learn by doing. Now, however, I want to write some software for Windows, but I lack the language and conceptual skills to do it. I even have a small project in mind to start with and I would be grateful if anyone could direct me in a proper forum to post it.

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Thanks, guys.

pritaeas, that's the thing if I had a language in mind I've already posted in the appropriate section. Since I haven't touched software development, I'm a bit overwhelmed about the selection of the language. And I really don't see a general section for this type of question.


Hi there!

Maybe start out with something like C# (it's nice and easy for beginners to get going with and you can build a decent application very easily with WinForms etc.)

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