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I just finished downgrading from windows 8 to windows 7. I need to redownload my wifi driver, but the only options they have on the dell site are windows 8.1 64 bit, windows 8 64 bit, and windows 7 64 bit. Neither my windows 8 or my windows 7 os's are or have been 64 bit so I'm really confused. I've installed most of my other missing drivers even with the 64 bit problem and that worked fine, but this one says I need a 64 bit os. Right now I'm using an ethernet cable, which is really akward with a laptop and I have to unplug the router to use it so it disconnects everyone but me.


PS: I might have given some bad "computer grammar" (I'm not sure what else to call it) here, because I'm new to this kind of thing.

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You may be out of luck if the vendor did not create a 32 bit version of the driver. When you downgraded to Windows 7, I assume then that you installed the 32bit version instead of the 64bit? Since you found Win 7/8 64 bit drivers on the dell site, i would assume that the laptop you have was designed for supporting the 64 bit version of those operating systems.

Neither my windows 8 or my windows 7 os's are or have been 64 bit so I'm really confused.

Are you sure? Then if that is the case, are you sure you are not looking at the incorrect model on the Dell website?


No, I'm definetely sure that my Windows 8 was 32 bit, and I used the service tag and dell system detect and they both came up with the same system, so I'm sure I'm on the right product


So here is the advice I can give... You may want to consider other opinions.

1) contact dell's support number and explain the situation. Your computer came with a 32 bit OS but there doesn't seem to be support for 32 bit software on their site now

2) if you can determine the actual manufacture of the wifi adapter, you may be able to get drivers from the manufacturers site

3) try windows update.

4) if you are spending too much time and getting frustrated, depending on how valuable your time is, you may consider opting for buying a new wifi adapter that supports Win 7 32 bit. Fortunately those adapters are relatively inexpensive.

I recommend you stay away from sites that allow you to download drivers. You can't be sure that these downloads are free of malware. I personally don't trust these 3rd party driver sites.


Well, I've tried a different adapter thatt does support Windows 7 32 bit, but no matter what adapter I'm trying to use, it won't even detect it. In the device manager the Network Controller is missing it's driver software. I realize now that I was acting on the assumption that downloader the wifi adapter driver would fix that. Would it?


Ok, I solved it thanks to the unofficial dell windows retinstallations guides. For some reason the driver I wanted just wasn't on the dell site, but it was an intel driver so I got it from there.

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