Is there a way to install 64bit printer driver on a 32bit based Windows XP of hp laserjet 1010 ?

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No. Download 32-bit driver from HP's Support Site

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I need to get a print through network ; actually printer is directly connected with windows xp 32 bit OS whereas, i want to connect via network OS windows 8 64 bit !

Ok. Totally different thing. The 32-bit system is the print server. Just install the compatible 64-bit driver from HP on the Win8 machine and point your print stream to the 32-bit server.

You can do that however keep in mind doing that type of install means the drivers used are from the local client. If you want to make the driver available for other 64-bit clients you should upgrade to a server that is capable of supporting a 64-bit driver. You could then make 32-bit drivers available from the 64-bit server. Be careful though as you won't be able to mkae the 32-bit drivers available from the server itself as it's 64-bit. You would want to connect using a 32-bit client to the server and then add the 32-bit drivers. Obviously the account used from the client would need permission to the 64-bit server.

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