Do we discuss this in this forum? If yes, how do we better protect ourselves? If no, it's ok.

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Firstly, I would never put sensitive photos in the cloud to begin with. And if you did, make sure to encrypt them :)

Agreed. I would make sure that the client to the cloud has a built in symmetric cipher, where only the client (by extention, you) is able to reproduce the key, or I would make sure to encrypt them before transfer.

I find it very interesting to read replies from learned programmers. It's way different from other people talking about the issue without programming background. How I wish I could relate soon enough.

If you like learning about privacy, Bruce Schneier has an excellent blog on the subject. He's as famous as Cryptographers come.

Now that you mention cryptographers. Is it the same work they do with Dan Brown's Digital Fortress?

It's nothing like how it's portrayed in fiction. It's a feild of combinatorics and it's not quite that exciting.

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