how many macs do own? and how many pc's do you own?

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A desktop and laptop of Appple 10.4 and a desktop and laptop of Windows XP. Also and old System 8.6 Apple and Windows 98 machine for retro games.

finally some one replies!!!

1 iMac at the office, 1 iMac at the house

Mac Side - Macmini G4 and iBook 14 G4 10.4.8
PC - HP Desktop XP, Dell Laptop Ubuntu, and Toshiba Laptop (Semi-Retired) 2000 Pro SP 4

3 adults and 2 Kids users

Intel Imac at work and at home as well as a G4 QuickSilver at Home as a music and video machine. Fujitsu laptop at home running Xp and SuSe and a P4 running Server 2003 for testing purposes!

Two G4's, one G5, and we used to have a bunch of REALLY OLD macs. (The very first ones)

(No PC's Whatsoever!)

1 win 2k laptop
1 win98 pc
2 winnt4 pc
2 winnt3.51 pc
3 xp pc
1 wm2003 pda
1 palm tx

hey JB how do you like the Palm TX .. I'm restoring my old Zire 72 and bringing it out of retirement.


Do you have any 7100 series? I have one that survived three kids. I was thinking of putting yellow dog on it ... but I think I'll just keep the classic software on it and let it semi-retire in peace..this way when the kids or I get nostalgic .. we can play with the old granpa apple.

Mac Collection Upgraded .. Intel iMac and Macbook Pro .. Mac book for my daughter...

tx is good - far superior to any other palm (well, maybe not the treo but thats different). I like the fact its got a ncie bug scharp screen and both bt and wifi. Bad points are the charger - theres no cradle so you get a hotsync cable (looks like a phone one and is kinda flimsy, im a bit worried about bending the pins)

Very nice PDA but in future i would spend the extra pennies and get an axim or somnething (my wm2003 is a toshiba e750 - best pda i ever baught)

Thanks for the info .. I retired my Palm when i got Software for my phone ... but i kinda miss using my palm as a sub for my notebook. I bought missing sync for my mac... so now I can use my Palm Again.

I don't mind carrying two devices a phone and a PDA .. because I don't carry the PDA all the time ... and I like the smaller phones.

yeah i link my phone to my tx using bt sometimes

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