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    diafol 3,720   7 Years Ago

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My name is Dani and I'm a ...

  • Trekkie
  • Reptile geek
  • Oh, who am I kidding? I don't have a life outside computers.

My name is Scott Gulliver and I am a:

  • Space Geek
  • Apollo Conspiracy Theory geek
  • Back To The Future geek



My name is Scott Gulliver and I am a:

  • Space Geek

HeHe, I never used to be, per se, until I was invited as a guest of EUTELSAT to the launch of their W3 satellite (which was 1999 I think). Everything was way cool from travelling over with the EUTELSAT directors in a DC10 as one of just 20 people aboard, through to the arrival fireworks party in a zoned off area of Disneyland, and of course the VIP treatment from NASA.

I ended up sitting alongside the EUTELSAT and Lockheed directors to watch the actual launch, much closer than I had expected.

It really was a trip of a lifetime, and one of those times when you say 'thank the Goddess I'm a journalist.'

After that I took an interest in space stuff and there's been no looking back :)


wow that must have been good :)

heh my outlook on NASA is a whole lot different since i saw that space conspiracy thing :(


My name is Mike and I am a:

-COMPUTER GEEK (above all)
-Music Geek
-Reading Geek
-DaniWeb Geek


What are your top three obsessions outside of IT?

My name is Davey Winder and I'm a:

  • Tattoo Geek
  • Music Geek
  • Car Geek

I don't believe this. Are you honestly going to sit here and try to tell us that you're not a Happy Geek?


But I am happiest when driving either my Jaguar XJ8 or Toyota Supra Twin Turbo (the two automobile loves of my life, at the moment), listening to Morrissey or REM, and getting tattooed. Not all at the same time though :mrgreen:

It’s been 10 years since my last tattoo, but I’m currently 8 hours into the new work with at least 18 hours left to go on my right arm/chest. Am having a full sleeve based upon organic growth of black/grey and red roses entwining my arm from wrist to chest, working their way around the existing images of Mother Nature/The Goddess (my own designs from more than a decade back) and a Celtic interpretation of a three layer pentangle. In the gaps will be small and brightly colored bees, butterflies and dragonflies. Also, a poppy flower and a violet flower (my youngest daughter is called Poppy Violet.)

Once that arm is done my striving for balance in life demands that I continue with the left sleeve, also around existing Goddess imagery and a flaming yin yan, but this time based upon a pattern of tree leaves incorporating an ancient Pagan ‘Green Man’ face within. The spaces will feature caterpillars, worms and spiders this side, and there will be acorns for my son whose name is Billy Aiken (which is Middle English for ‘little oak’ or literally in the image of his father.)

I have the most wonderful lady tattoo artist who does the work freehand. She is in her element, having specialized in plants at art college 20 years ago. She also rather likes the contrast of flowers and spiritual imagery upon the flesh of a 6'2", 200lb, shaven headed bloke...

Of course, I didn't mention my IT related passions such as collecting and restoring vintage video and electronic games. I have over 1000 in my loft, everything from a collection of the very first home video game - boxed and complete Magnavox Odyssey machines (slightly different box designs, a UK import model etc in true collector geek fashion), through examples of just about everything since. eBay is my friend...


but I’m currently 8 hours into the new work with at least 18 hours left to go on my right arm/chest.

And you'll be sure to post pictures after its done.

(that's not simply a suggestion either) :cheesy:


Once the right arm is done I will upload a photo or two. I have 9 hours booked in for August, and another 12 for September so hopefully it should be just about done in time for Xmas... :)


Gee, looks like fun is being had here, this is the reason why them two people in California first had a DOS line text talk,,erm chat?
What gets my freak going?
1: 80 million lines of Microsoft code that has to be meshed in with every other OS in the known world.
2: Peacefull coexistance of folks
3: Sailing on a little boat in STRONG winds.

Breathe in, Exhale, Repeat as needed.


Big boats in strong winds scrae me, so little ones I tend to avoid. Could be worse, I have a friend who lives on a small island just offshore of mainland UK who has a fear of water.

I don't see him much, unless I go visit of course :)


Motorcycle Geek ex rider due to minor(ish?) bike based neck issue
Festival Geek
Food Geek


Motocross (used to ride professionally and loved it till a broke my collar bone twice)

Sound geek (spend thousands at headfi.org)


Server Security/General Security

American History (Civil War buff)

D&D buff

Building PC's.


Well, I'm Chris "FireS" Thomas, (don't google me, I'm not there XD) andI am a:
-Music Geek
-Extreme sports geek
-DDR geek
-Coffee freak
-and Anime geek (NOT otaku, that's an insult in japenese)


hello my name is seth i am a

trekkie geek
Quantum Physics geek
Conspiracy geek

Quantum Physics yum :)
I wish I knew more about that
I guess you could say I'm a wannabe math/science nerd. Just wannabe, though. :( :p I'll read more about these things someday, I swear! I just need more tiiiiiiime.

Someone else said they are a linguistics geek. I am also very into foreign languages, too.


Hi All,
Piya this side... n I am..

/* 1. Computer Geek
2. Dancing Geek
3. Cycling geek
4. reading geek



Definitely music geek
Movie geek

It's funny how things change over time; I'm no longer a music geek, nor am I really a movie geek anymore.

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