Hello everyone. A few months ago I started experimenting with Live CD and installable distributions of Linux on my PC, having stuck with Windows before then. I learnt a bit about hard disk partitions and multi boot systems, as well as finding out how many open source OS's are available for the x86. This got me thinking, "Is it possible to install loads of operating systems on one PC (i.e. 10 to 20)? Maybe I could set a world record."

I realise this would probably involve quite a bit of fiddling, as I would have to try to force most of the OS's to boot from logical drives. If anyone has seen this tried before I would be interested to hear about the results. Thanks.


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"Is it possible to install loads of operating systems on one PC (i.e. 10 to 20)?

Yes, definitely- the number of drives you can cram into a system is probably your biggest limitation. Different bootloader programs have a limit to the number of OSes they can handle individually, but that problem can be overcome by cascading bootloaders; a process known as "chainloading".

Maybe I could set a world record.

Well, I know you'll have to do bettter than 6... :mrgreen:


a sub link from Caperjacks link shows you how you can install and boot windows from a logical partition. (Not as easy as installing Linux to a logical partition but then Linux can be difficult in other areas where windows is easy)

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