The modern day circus extravagance called the "NFL Super Bowl XLIX" (XLIX is 49 for the many non Roman citizens)
will be played on Sunday, February 1, 3:30 PM at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.
Other than a spectacular halftime show two football teams, the "New England Patriots" and the "Seattle Seahawks" will also entertain.

Tickets are selling on the internet at a brisk $4000 to $6000 a seat.

Wonder who will win?


West coast all the way!
Seahawks best thing after chicken wings and cheap beer!

to be honest, I am very disappointed in the Patriots due to the recent scandal but even then, I always disliked Brady, Belchick, and Kraft. I don't hate the pats, because I always liked Gronk and a few other of their players... So go Seahawks. (I own a football jersey from the Seahawks, got it as a gift from my aunt last month)

Thought XLIX was some porn thing. Glad you set me straight.


@diafol - It's all about the commercials, halftime show, and beer mate!.. On a serious note though, I think baseball is super boring to watch, almost as much as golf.

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Went to see the NY Yankees last summer. Enjoyed the first 8 hours, then got a bit bored. Serriously, the first 2 hours were OK, then about 5 innings where nobody scored anything and then a mad scrabble at the end to score anything at all. Was better than cricket though - and soccer for that matter. Says a lot about popular sports. Sorry, getting off-topic and negative. Enjoy the SB!

Really lucky here, football ; nothing,
get the ads, they're a blast
nobody watches boring, the networks don't play it

@diafol, thanks for the Wall Street Journal article that breaks down the typical NFL football game into
11 minutes of action with the football
17 minutes of reruns
67 minutes of players standing around

Most folks that watch on TV get the pleasure of slow motion reruns from every camera angle, an occasional closeup shot of a pretty cheerleader, good couch food, the comments of highly intelligent commentators and experts, and a large amount of top notch commercials. Not much else to do during the boring northern winter months.

Of course you could buy a 5 pound bag of Haribo Sugar Free Gummy Bears to really celebrate this event.

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67 minutes standing around

But that's only 1 minute per player. So not that bad.
Do they serve beef hot dogs in football stadia too? I couldn't believe it in NY, where all the dogs everywhere were beef. Yuk. Can still taste them now. Scarred for life.

Kosher dogs are a must in NYC!

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They are minging. No offence to beef-guzzlers everywhere, but they are just indescribably bad. I tried to eat a few on separate occasions just so I'd get used to the taste, but I failed. Rancid.

I don't think too many folks eat rancid hot dogs for football games. In front of the home TV or the Sports Bar monitors it's chicken wing time, they wash down easily with Budwiser.

I hope the Seahawks win against the "deflate balls" Patriots.

When you buy a hot dog at a baseball/football game you never know if you are getting a fresh one, or one that was leftover from the last game and just reheated. I know several people who worked the games as vendors and they said that this was common practice.

I used to go to the Milwaukee Brewers games and they had German Brats and Leinenkugel beer, a real gourmet feast. For the Superbowl I will go to a friend's house for barbecue (ribs and stuff).

My friend is a Seahawks fan, so I better cheer for them. Should be a fun game.

It was a good game. The halftime show was exotic. The best commercial IMHO was the one from Fiat (blue pill).

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What it's finished already??

I still can't believe they didn't run it...

I still can't believe they didn't run it...

FTFY: I still can't believe how stupid Pete Carroll is...

Even if I was told to pass it, I would have just run it and ignored the coach despite consequences

The Seahawks coach still will not admit that he made a major blunder with his passing call that close to the goal line. I guess the guy is just too arrogant.