So, not too long ago there was a flood of really bad posts asking questions on the PHP forum, and I remembering having some negative thoughts about them. I was in a bad mood that day so it probably wasn't a good idea for me to try and answer others questions anyway.

So just today I was looking at the different results from some search engines, and as a little experiment I decided to search for "pixelsoul", which is a name I have used since the 90's. I went through Google, Bing, and then Duckduckgo. I found a search result there that for some reason caught my eye "upload script - Codewalkers | pixelsoul". So I followed that link to the forum and read a short thread of myself 11 years ago looking like a total complete n00b. I was embarrassed reading it again all these years later, and while shaking my head, and half chuckling to myself at the same time, I thought back about how I was thinking of the questions that were coming through on the PHP forum. I think sometimes it's good for a little humility to help humble us at times. When you have had a long journey, you sometimes forget where you had started.

So anyways, here is the forum thread http://forums.codewalkers.com/php-coding-7/upload-script-710229.html

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I think that knowledge needs to be shared among everyone willing to learn new things, I am nowhere nearly as good as some of the guys around here but I am trying to learn and improve myself and while doing it I do the same thing if I can share what I've learn so far. And by any means, it really isn't embarrassing, we are humans, we have been born with no knowledge other than basic instict for survival and we must go through that step of learning

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I still feel like a noob and embarrassed to ask questions.

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Its not like you have to... you seem to have the solution to almost everything you touch
humble yet honest the recipe for success

Experience, prevents you making bad choices
Experience, comes from making bad choices
Every "don't do that" is a "don't make the same mistakes as me" post
Please, don't make the same mistakes as me.
I don't really mind looking stupid asking dumb-as-a-stump questions: Stupid, I have plenty of practice at.

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Dont feel too bad. I read an old forum post from about ten years ago - recently - where I was asking about bookmarking in a guy's thread - he was talking about the importance of bookmarking. So --- I was dumb, I thought he meant like bookmarking in Internet Explorer -- but he was talking about social bookmarking... I didn't have a clue. But we all know about that stuff now :)

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You should have seen my first posts on Daniweb... I didn't know how to write a loop XD (2 years ago lol)


Have my skills increased overtime? Yes (this is where diafol lifts his finger and says, "Oh really..."). Has my maturity increased overtime? Pfft... Yeah right.

Its great to see where we all began :)


always new stuff to learn.
Before I got married, I had absolutely no idea there was a wrong way to put the milk back in the fridge.


Before I got married, I had absolutely no idea there was a wrong way to ...

My sentence would end slightly differently. Very embarrassing.

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