Hey, I have an old mac I took apart. I have scsi drive, floppy drive, ram, motherboard and everything that i wnat to get rid of. anyone interested?

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Oh yeah what ram is it and what scsi/floppy is it - will it fit in a regular pc?

The ram i think is just 168pin simms, but i'm not sure. the scsi drive is probably scsi 1 or something, and the floppy drive is something i've never seen before. scsi will fit in regular pc, floppy not sure and the ram, haven't tried it. give me your email address and i can send you pictures.

You should really post the Mac model and year.... that might give us some more info on these parts.

I don't know the Mac model or year, I got this computer from a friend. I think it's a Macintosh something, but I threw every thing away and just kept the parts.

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