Title has to be one of my faveorite and most effective uses of interoperability. One starts a discussion, another inputs, and it all begins. Oh about me/? I am Fusionist, that is to say that we believe there is a 'middle way' to everything. Any 2 or more humans can interact with a progressive ideal once the central point that all can agree on has been located. It is a cohesive compromise of ideals, there are no win/loss colums because all gain insight of something no matter how insignificant it may first appear from the learned experiances of human concept. Complete Interoperability is the goal for all, only by working together in or on a common groundwork , well that is the goal, to make every EC able to interoperate with another at the owners discression, said owner not to be limited by a particuliar Corporate Branding that only inhibits rather than allowing freeflow idea exchanges.

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Now that's what I call an introduction!

Welcome to DaniWeb sail_knot, I think your stay here is going to be an interesting one for all of us.

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