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i'm alex cooper, i'm a 42 yo carbon based life form from Lakeland with some unusual/insane/useful/interesting (pick one) ideas, with experience in electronics, computers, framing, carpentry, roofing, drywall, cabinet making/installing, electrical, plumbing, painting, roofing sheet metal mechanic, auto mechanics, aircraft sheet metal mechanic, motel/building maintenance, 2 line phone wiring (home), painting, mechanic/assembler, warehousing/shipping & receiving, A/C repairs, fork lifts/pallet stackers, musical instrument repair/ modification, read blueprints, experience in designing, assembly and modification of electronic equipment (audio and computer) chassis design and fabrication, pc board design and fabrication, custom cabling (a/v) electronic design, appliance repair, ect...as you may have noticed i'm also into multi-monitor, multi-system, multi-operating system computer network setups and do things like photo editing, surfing the web, web design, email, video editing, sound editing, graphics & digital imaging ,music composition, listening, mp3's,software testing, OCR, text/HTML editing, software evaluation, DVD/CD ripping, virtual computing, accounting/business stuff, software evaluation/experimentation, playing movies.
i'm also into things like psychology, sociology, theology, philosophy, electrical & mechanical engineering, electronics, astronomy, physics, ect... and i also play and build; bass, guitar, mandolin, and like to mess around with all string and electronic instruments.:twisted:
check out my site at www.alexcooper.org.

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