Okay... I am going to Chicago this summer to the FBLA National Conference because I won 1st place in the state/regional competition in the category of Computer Apps. My problem is, I need to study a lot more and I'm currently not enrolled in any computer classes. Does anyone know of where I could get my help from? Books, websites, etc.?

All I really need is the basics... (parts of the computer, how they work, and so on.)

Thanks in advance for any help with this...

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wow congrats!
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If you want to know how the components work, wikipedia is probably sufficient (or maybe too detailed). A book on computer organization (weird term, I know) might also be of interest. It partly depends on what level of "how it works" you're looking for. I could also try to volunteer some information via PM if you're looking for something specific, although I've basically listed my sources :P

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