I'm trying to install a new video card I bought today. It is a GeForce MX4000 (64mb PCI). Whenever the card is in, my monitor does not detect it (the monitor acts as if the computer is off: the power button blinks). The processor does not make any noise and the processing indicator doesn't flash: it appears as though the computer does not even boot up.

Here's what i've done:

I uninstalled the drivers for my old card, which I'm 99% sure is an AGP. It is a Rage IIC (4mb).. old old card.

So after uninstalling the driver for the old card, I shutdown my computer then unplugged the old card, and plugged in the new PCI card. I start it up and nothing happens, as described earlier.

The new card's box says it requires 300 watts of power. My computer only has 253 or 254 watts. This may be the problem, but then again, that's less than 50 watts away.. is the 300 watts absolutely required, or is it an estimation? I figured it may be "close enough" but I'm not sure because I'm mostly new to installing computer hardware.

Someone please reply as soon as possible.

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The problem is probably with the power supply. If you have a friend with a power supply rated at 300W or above try his in your system. Personally, I would recommend you return your PCI card and get an AGP one and a new power supply. AGP is much faster than PCI.
PS: If your not sure if your computer has an AGP slot, either to go the manufacturer website, or google search for "agp slot" or something similar.

if his motherboard has 4mb onboard graphics, it will more then likely not have AGP ;)

Good point, though there is still a chance his motherboard has a slot. Worth looking I suppose.

My old card isn't on-board. My old card (currently in right now) is AGP. The problem with getting an AGP card is that my AGP slot is only 2x. I saw an ATI Radeon 9200 and on the top-right corner of the box it said "4x/8x" but on the minimum requirements it said "8x, 4x, or 2x AGP" so I don't know.. Anyway bottom line is it's hard to find anything that I'm sure my 2x agp can support.

Tomorrow I'll probably be getting a new power supply after school.

For around $30-$80 you can get new a fully featured AGP 8X motherboard. I think you would get more "bang for your buck" from a relatively inexpensive, new motherboard and a video card that takes advantage of the faster AGP slot. Unless you are planning to get a new CPU and ram as well, make sure your new motherboard is compatible with your ram, and has the same socket type as your current CPU.
On the other hand, installation would take a bit of time, and you could damage some of your components in the process, if your not careful. The bottom line is, if you aren't planning on rendering anything fancy, or playing a lot of graphic intensive games, the easier to install pci card will be plenty. I would try out your pci card with the new power supply. If you aren't satisfied, think about a new motherboard and an AGP 8x card.

:) A good site to go on is 4allmemory.com. They helped me get memory and they find it right away. If your looking for a PCI video card then go to the site 4allmemory.com, on the top of the main screen click more upgrades, then you will see on the bottom left hand cornor video cards. Pick which one you are looking for. It will have a selection of whatever u want right there, ex: 128, 256, 64 (mb's) and so on. Before you buy any video cards, see if it's going to work in your system. It usually says it. I just ordered the same videocard and it works in my computer because I only have a PCI slot and not an APG. So I have to get the one that is for my computer. U may not have a PCI slot you may have a APG and that's probably y your computer does what it does. So check 4allmemory.com out and I promise you will be satisfied!

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