So I have to say this is starting to become an annoyance of mine.

It seems so many of the questions I answer tend to go dead, never followed up by the user. I'll answer the question, or try to, maybe asking for more details, or offering what I can based on the information provided by the original poster. Just to have the user never reply back (whether it be it was answered and they never answered it solved or other wise).

I know, sorry this is me on my soapbox, it's just sometimes frustrating when I see all these answered questions go dead.

diafol commented: I share the observation +0
rproffitt commented: Figure 50 percent of web posts are 1 post 1 answer and no more. +0
overwraith commented: A problem, sure. +0

If I have any that I have left unanswered they typically are unanswered, or not answered adequately, but I haven't checked in a while. I guess everybody should check more often. Honestly I had set up a work account for this site here, and that one will never be used again, I should probably look into having it deleted. I don't have access to the email account any more, nor do I really care to touch it.

Noobs not marking as answered is a problem though, typically they probably don't care, or don't know enough about the forum. Perhaps there should be a timeout built into forums, or another level of answered/unanswered, let's call it "dormant".

I will occasionally mark a thread as "answered" if it has been idle for a while and if one or more of the responses clearly satisfies the original question.

Well either I am failing to answer a question well, or Jim manages to miss mine, as I know there are some I feel have been answered and never seen.

You know Yahoo's question board can actually allow for a post to be designated as an answer it the original poster never does based on people voting for it. It's been awhile but I think it works around a time out period (at least I think that was Yahoo).

Of course it does become frustrating when you ask a question just to have it go dead (that's another issue if it doesn't get attention by usually multiple posters within say the first day or two, you can probably expect to never get an answer)