I want advice on which path i choose to do my career well. I have done B.Com. ,While doing B.Com i had Completed the (Advance Diploma in Programming) IT-Software Course.Also I m pursuing Corresponding M.C.A. 3rd Sem now.I m interested in IT-Software Field.I have a 2 years of experience as a Faculty in IT-Institute.I taught there mainly Asp.net Courses (C,C++,C#,ADO.NET,ASP.NET,SQL SERVER 2005,VB.NET). Right now, I am doing a job in a company as a Software Developer in ASP.NET. But now a days i feel that in Development it's so much of stress, even after at home also. For me, if i worked in this type of situation, i m unable to do my personal work.In Software Developer, We mainly have to concentrate on r development work, we have to keep update ourself with the software technology. Its not possible for me to give that much of time for developement. Thats why i decided to do Software Testing. I want to remain in IT-Field only.If i m well in software languages, then testing is a good option ,I can easily grasp it.But is it possible to get job in Software Testing after doing Software Developer work? if yes,what abt d salary range,will it be greater or lesser than my current salary of Software Developer?

Please Guide me on my problem.

Thanks in Advance.

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I am a software developer C++/Java & Co. and I am doing last 6 months mainly testing. Some testing activities are paid very good, fe. SAP automated testing, especially when you involve Edifact Message exchange. I would say that to do good software tests You have to know haow to code, that way you can anticipate many things.
This are my 2cents,

By, yours recoder

Yes, after certain amount of development career you can shift to software testing stream which is euqlly rewarded. The actual salary will vary from organization to organization.
You can opt to qualify certain certification in testing career such as ISTQB (advanced), CSQA, CSQP, CSQM etc. to grow in this career.

my 2 cents.

Do what you like!!! There is nothing better than working in area that interests you!!

ok i got a question as well, why is it so stressful as a software developer? i thought software developer has plenty of free time where they can learn new things, and it is the top 2 best job this year.

It all really depends on your location too. No sense getting into an area of IT where workers are a dime-a-dozen.


Well don't get prejudiced about anything. The exposure you get being a developer is always more than what you get as being a tester. The Developers are always the highly paid people and also job satisfaction is higher. Do what you like but also weigh this, What do you want from life?

Being in college I assume the kind of development you must have done so far would be quite feeble to what you will face in the industry.

Don't give up at such a young age my friend.

Apologies if I sounded rude.

With all that experience and knowledge, you should be able to land a job easy; pm me if you don't. Remember, always be happy in what your doing, I cannot stress that enought to people.

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