1. I downloaded a free trial version 3.7 of WinRAR.
2. When i tried to open the compressed files, i could not open it, and got the message" WinRAR: Diagnostic messages" window open, and there are 3 options: Close, Break Operation and Copy to Clipboard.
3. Is it a problem with WinRAR? or the files itself?
4. Maybe, i do not have a working WinRAR?
5. Any help?
6. Thanks

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Make sure you have winrar installed properly 1st. Test this by right clicking on a compressed file and looking for the menu options assigned my winrar. If you get menu options like:

Extract Files...
Extract here

Chances are the file you are trying to open is corrupt or not the entire file. It is more likely the RAR file has an error, try downloading the compressed file rather than the software again. Also check the Diagnostic messages window for error text usually with a yellow exclamation mark on the left. Try to do the compression over again. Maybe this will help you.

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Glad you got the issue resolved, but posting what the issue really was and how you resolved it may help others. :-)


sometimes free trial of the SW will not work properly, you need to have a good version for you to use it properly

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