Sorry if somone already asked about this but I'm new. I was installing a new hard drive in my laptop went to the bathroom and my 8yr old son did somthing to the laptop now it say (no os) and when I try to get winXP to run it says hdd write protect. I tried to call Hitacchi tech support and they have no idea whats wrong and gave me a link for a format porgram but it tells me the same thing. Can anyone out there help me?

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try to change the boot settings from Hard-drive to allow it to boot from the CD (given that you've got the windows XP CD). Could you be more detailed. So when you turn you're laptop on, does it just say that the hard-drive it right protected and that's it? How far does the booting go?

Hello Zindiago No its a new HD with no OS on it I'm not sure what he did but the manufacture tells me its my problum and that this dose not fall under warenty. When I say new I meen new to this laptop it use to be a backup HD for my music.

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