What you say? I got to introduce myself? Why? I need to type it! I won't I ain't a typist! Mouse? What mouse? The computer mouse? You mean a mouse in the white box or in the TV? Com--put-er? Hey man stop all this tech crap!
Tell me something you really went through reading all that stupid comp gag? You got no other work!

Hey there sorry I am wasting your time :)

Name: Swapnendu
Nick: Swap, KingSwapII :cheesy:, KillerKingX :twisted:, LordSwap :p (Just call me Swap :)
Sex: Male
Breed: Homosapien
Height: 5'7'' or 171cm
Weight: 144lbs
Location: Currently Planet Earth
Age: 19
Interests: Computing, Technology, USA, WHG aka William H Gates aka Bill Gates, Movies, Music (Only Listening :), Gaming & other fun-bright side stuffs of life ;)
My Web Presence: MyLegendSwap.com
My Email: ***************** (Message Encryted)

Now You have learnt few things about me which is completely irrelevant to you! So stop fooling around & get back to work!
:confused: lol

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