Hi guys,

I am new to Mobile Development.
I do have some Assignment question want to clarify.

**Task 3
Create an app. that will make use of 3 icons (from the Icon pack provided). Your app must
display all 3 icons below some relevant text.

  • You must take a screen shot of this app running at three different resolutions in the emulator
    (MDPI ~160dpi, HDPI ~240dpi, and XHDPI).
  • Also force an XHDPI screen to show low-density images & take a screen shot. Briefly
    comment on why this is not ideal.**

So I dont get it is, should I create an app with single screen and insert 3 icons, then run 3 different resolutions in the emulator?
And, what does the MDPI~160Dpi, HDPI~240Dpi and XHDPI meaning?
I did some research regarding these keywords, it was saying the image size (pixels) and screen resolution.
But i Still get confusing regarding these words.

Thanks for advance clarification. Much Appreciate.

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