Is the up vote or down vote comment functionality going to come to mobile? the box flashes up when I vote, the big tease, but then infuriatingly disappears. Like grabbing sand. Using mobile more and more to tune into dw. Would love to leave comments but don't want to write a post.

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I would have voted from my mobile as well, but get exactly the same issue as Diafol on Android. Press the upvote thumb, a box appears with just vote/vote&comment options for about half a second and then the vote is given without any chance to comment. Needs fixing as not everyone follows the Apple herd...

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OK, so I thought if mobile was off, how about a Chromebook? Now that's really looped. There are so many things that don't work right that it's not going to help if I list them all. This reply may not work unless it shows up.

But on the Chromebook there are no signs at all of the up vote. Not asking for this to be fixed either. Just it's interesting to see how sites deal with the Chromebook.

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