i am very keen to learn how to develop mobile apps, but i want to master one programming language. i hear you can design mobile apps for android, windows & ios using Java. Is this true, if you can someone explain the details of doing this in each platform

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Android: yes
Windows: yes, but it's not the best option
IOS: No, not possible
<edit> Seems I was wrong about that - see OMAF below </edit>

Having said that, switching language Java - C# - Swift isn't that hard. Its the API that's hard to learn and doesn't translate.
Start by working out what platform you will be developing for, and why. Then the choice of language/API will be easy.

thank you for the responses, so i begin my journey to mastering java. based on the responses i got i think Java is the best language for mobile development as it is possible to create apps for android (default language is java), windows & ios (using oracle mobile application framework)

uh, no.
For Android Java is great. For Windows C# is better. For iOS Objective C or whatever else Apple forces people to use now.

Hybrid solutions work but are rarely the ideal option as they have to by force compromise on things like hardware integration.

And oh, OMAF isn't the only solution for cross platform mobile development. There are others, but I can't remember the names right now.

If you see towards web development then HTML, CSS and JavaScript serve as the backbone in any cross-platform app development. Because these are web-standard programming technologies.

You can try out a lot of SaaS based mobile application development platform. I personally like WaveMaker for its feature and price, but you can check out others also"

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