Why is it that C# disappeared from the Programming menu?
Something to do with upcoming changes?

To make room for "encoding" and "error" perhaps? (Personally I'm not familiar with either language.)
Not to mention "thermalprint" which appears in every single sub-heading.

commented: Ah, thermalprint. Nothing like a hot stamping in the morning. +0

I noticed this too. I also noticed that some people think it's just straignt C, which is incorrect, due to the implementation of the common language runtime, JIT compiler, and MISTLE code. It is a high level language like Java, in fact java has copied some C# functionality recently, the streams api which is based on linq. Most of my coding is in C#.

I am not sure if we could use C# (like we use Python) as the programming language for Machine Learning and Data Science. It perhaps, gets limited into areas like these. Moreover, there are services available on the Cloud and also, as multiple platforms/tools that could help the naive user to do things without even programming.

I'm not sure what happened, but it looks like there are pretty much no topics flagged with c# anymore. Was the tag deleted?!