Certification exam provides a valid and reliable measure of technical proficiency and a vendor certification is the process of validating performance in IT industry. Industry and various organizations validate the skills and knowledge of certified professional and each certification exam is based upon a skill sets found to be important for success in a specific job role chosen. Certification exam promote your skills in various IT technologies but being an IT certified is not an easy job. As individuals prepare for various cert exams, they're always keen to find and use the best possible exam preparation resources. Beware! Of those sites, which are, providing only empty allurement, but few are good and providing online resources, study kit, simulation, free stuff (downloadable version) which help you to pass your upcoming exam. So search around the web find out resources, go to forum, read news releases so you can get information of that product as well certification exam both.

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When I took my A+ certification tests I used some test preparation software which helped a tremendous amount I bought a A+ certification book by Jean Andrews which came with test software and Theres no way i could have passed my test without that, it presents the questions in a way that a customer would present a question to a technician


I agree that certifications do help allot when you are in a interview.
I have my MCP in Windows 2000 Professional.
I hope that one day I can work in the field again.
If you guys know of any computer jobs in the Tampa, FL area
let me know.
Mainly, Hardware and Networking.

Jason "Jayru"

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