Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a B.A. graduate from Guwahati University of Assam, India and having one year Diploma course in Computer Application. I have assist in developing a Library Management System which is running smoothly in various colleges in Assam, India. And have developed some non-commercial software for personal excellence such as Chain System Networking Growth Business Software, PG Quiz Master, Puzzle Cells, Puzzle Numbers etc. All these software was developed using VB 6.0 and MS Access.

I want to be a software programmer in software companies. I know C and C++ too but I can’t say that I am good in these two languages and these days I am learning VB 2008 also.

I know I have to increase my knowledge in some areas to become a good software programmer. But what should I learn? Is it necessary to have a computer degree? Which language and database(I know My SQL little) will be good for me for better career?

Please guide me Sir/Madam, because becoming a software programmer is my strong desire.


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Glad to learn that being an arts graduate you have hands on experience in Programming language. Your posts shows you have spend some time on programming. Even though there are few companies who are still working on VB, you need to accept that it is an outdated technology.
Believe me, i understand the education system and the job market in the country better than others here. The harsh reality is you do not have enough educational qualifications for a technical job.
Since you are good in VB better to go in for latest version of .net + SQL Server. Along with that what you need to do is register yourself for some technical degree. Currently since you do not have any technical degree it will be practically impossible for you to get an interview call from any standard company.

When you get a degree be willing to travel as needed which will help get your foot in the door

Dear Kishjeff,

Thanks for replying, i am always ready to travel but degree is preventing me. Thank you.

Dear Debasisdas,

Thanks for replying sir. Yesterday, i tried to reply but due to power problem i could not reply sir. Anyway, whatever you have written all are true for me. I have to admit that.

As you mentioned regarding "latest version of .net + SQL Server". Is that VB 2010 or other language of .net version and My SQL Server or MS SQL Server or both of them?

And regarding technical education, will MCA be sufficient?

As you mentioned regarding "latest version of .net + SQL Server". Is that VB 2010 or other language of .net version and My SQL Server or MS SQL Server or both of them?

better to go for 2010 version with latest MS SQL Server.

Knowledge of other databases and languages will be plus.

And regarding technical education, will MCA be sufficient?

yes, that should.

Dear Debasisdas,

Thanks for your suggestions. Yes, i am going to have as you advice. Thanks a lot sir.

Dear Debasisdas,

MCA from Sikkim Manipal University through correspondence course will it be better or from other university? Though, i am working in a company i have to go for correspondence course.

I am 32+ of age. Will age factor prevent me somewhere?

MCA from Sikkim Manipal University is good option for working professionals like you.

Yes age will be a factor, only if you are interested in big MNCs.
And the other concern will be any gap in education, because most of the IT farms opt for 16 years of continued education. Local companies may ignore that.

Dear Debasisdas,

Thank you sir.

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