Does anyone know where I can find entries tagged with C#?

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Type c# into the search box and click.

Thanks Jim.
Well DuH!
Why does C# deserves this special treatement?

While I can't fathom why "thermalprint" is in the forum menus or why C# is now missing, the upcoming changes appear to again move further away from the usual programming forums.

A spammer promoting Thermal Print tagged a huge load of threads with 'thermalprint' so that there would be more threads tagged with that than C#.

I went to the Tag Moderation page and removed the tag. The top navigation menu is cached so it's just a matter of it rebuilding itself. (Clearing your browser cache might due to the trick.)

commented: Another small mystery cleared up. Almost. Still seeing Thermalprint. +0

I think it’s cached on our end as well.

commented: Would have been more fun to see a thermal detonator topic #StarWars. +0
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