I need some career advice. I am going to start classes in March and I am not sure which field I should get my AAS in. I would like to know which Job Market is better, and your opinion on the field itself.

Thank you

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It depends on how good we are on our fields. You will get paid what you are worth irrespective of what you choose to do. Don’t go into a field just because you heard there was money to be made. Job satisfaction plays an important roll in your career decision.

mackone, that's a good point.

I'd also suggest, if you plan to remain in your area, to talk with some of the local job placement companies to get a field for demand in each area. This might help you decide upon a direction.

Depends on what you're willing to do *after* work hours - do you see yourself reading blogs, news sites, reading books, and doing personal projects and experiments about programming? Networking?

It's hard to stay competitive by just doing a 9 to 5 job and not learning extra stuff. Tech moves fast in all areas, and you have to stay current. Does it interest you more reading a book like "Code Complete" or "Network Warrior"?



It's amazing how things will turn out as you let them. I was stubborn and knew that I wanted Networking for my degree. In school I didn't understand programming all that well so it seemed natural to go with networking.

My first job after my degree I was working on the infrastructure side of IT and I was asked to code a network tool, real world applications give you a much greater understanding than text book segment examples. This was on a paid internship, which I highly recommend it'll help you get the direction you need.

My second job I worked as a software engineer, which I loved. The application was an enterprise level application that opened me up to problem solving on a huge scale. Currently I just started a DBA job.

So all that said, my degree was in Computer Science emphasis Network Security and Administration and has had little to do with me working in networks. School is for fundamentals and familarizing yourself with possibilities, the rest is up to you. If you have the drive for success and you don't hide in a self made comfort zone you can do anything with either degree, because degrees open doors, and are not tools to limit your direction.

Work hard and understand the fundamentals and you can go anywhere.

As for job markets...doesn't really matter where you start as long as you start and get the degree. Your earning potential is up to you. I know many people that make lots of money and have lots of work flow in all IT fields, but they're driven.

It is not advisable to make a choice by only considering the career prospects of each of these degrees. You need to do some self-evaluation and try to figure out your area of interest also. If you look at the employment projection data for both these fields it is clear that career prospects for networking graduates is better than the programmers. However, from my experience I can say that if you possess and exhibit exceptional skills in programming then a degree in computer programming would suffice to get your foot in the door. Stevens-Henager College offers computer degree programs in networking as well as computer programming. You can check these programs before you zero in on either of these choices.

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go into networking. We don't need more competition in the job market for programmers.

I love the advice from comptecme. It really speaks volumes....

I'd suggest you to ask this question from yourself. It is your career and you need to decide what is of your interest. Both lines have better future but it depends on your skill set. If you have interest in networking then go for it, if in coding then go for programming, if in creativity then go for designing. Decide it yourself...!

Firstly think about your interest because if you select any field which is not comfort for you then you will not stay on that field for a long time so choose that field which is your passion.

samaru was right..You should know what you like and interest, and you can choose what career you will choose.. its not depend on money, its how you enjoy the career you will choose..

sorry for my bad english... :)

I dare say, what is it that you like or that anyone likes??...from my experience what I like is constantly changing. I am a different person to that of 3 years ago. My views are different, mind is too. We all change don't we?

Just becuase you did a degree in a certain area means that it is what you'll do it for the rest of your life?

If your not sure do both. Try the harder one now, try the easier one later but set a goal to try both...

In the end you can, without any doubt say... "i've experienced both and (blankety blank) is better"

It's the best way to find out ;)

I have completed graduation with commerce stream with 55% marks. I am 25 year old Now I want to make carrer in IT field due to my own interest and the requirement of the industry. It was to me earlier had to choose the IT related course but due to the lack of understanding and could not take decision at that appropriate time. Now I am in a mood of opting these course but I am really confused with the two options networing or programming.
which has better future security, the maximum study option and chance of increment in our salary. Plese solve my problem. what should I do.

networking is better than programming

As I usually recommend, use the "Search" feature above. There have been many threads about career changes and plans in general, and I think you'll find the information and advise useful.

That said however, you've asked a question with a slightly different slant (networking VS Programming). In many (smaller) organizations, there is a blurred line between a network engineer and a programmer as they both have core values, that line generally becomes more distinct as the organization's size demands specialization(maybe dealing strictly on just software development)

What I'd suggest is that you start looking for positions that will make use of what you already know, and demand some stretching on your part.

Look for what interests you in any of these fields you mentioned and read books on it to develop yourself.


go for programming. networking is easy to learn than programming. networking is not that complicated compared to programming. i learned networking by myself. :) but programming, needs lots of time to develop your creative thinking for algorithms.

I am Programmer ..According to me Programmer job is better than the Networking JOb.
As compare to the JOBS of the Programmer are more than the JObs of the networking field.

every field is better but its depend on you that in which field you can perform better..so check your qualities and then select fiels according to your intrest..

I am interested in programming,i think programming Job Market is better.

I suggest you to ask this question from yourself. It is your career and you need to decide what is of your interest. Both have gud future but it depends on your skills. If you have interest in networking then go for it, if in coding then go for programming

Networking is, in my humble opinion, boring as hell! You will understand when you finish subnetting your 500th network or setting up a huge stack of cisco switches only to be avoided in the coffee room at lunch time because your just the network room 'geek'. Not to mention the inhumanely hot server rooms you'll be spending a lot of time in.

Not to say programming is the most exciting field, but it is certainly a lot more rewarding and encourages greater creativity than networking does. Keep in mind this is coming from someone who dabled in networking for about a year, and have been a software developer for 3.

i think that networking is best because we need to enhance the network like programing...

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