Which will be the expected SEO Trends for 2018?

In 2018, We need to concentrate on Mobile visitors. The Accerelated Mobile Pages, Voice search, Mobile Page loading speed are the imporatnt ranking factors.

Expected SEO Trends for 2018 is mainly concentrate on AMP design & voice search. These two trends are assist to all people easily findout the information via mobile.

Did you hear about ‘Linkless’ mentions, It will change the ranking factors!!

AMP design & mobilepage loading speed

SEO Trends for 2018

Voice search
Featured snippets

wow what a discussion. Thnaks every one. I' also thinking to change SEO direction for my website

Expected Trends:

Mobile optimization
Voice search
Arificial Intelligence and machine learning
Visual search

SEO trends for 2018 is Blog posting, guest blogging and social media postings.

There are so many things will happened in 2018 upcoming months as per SEO prospective.
Mobile Page Speed, Voice Search, UI Integration also Growth Hacking also would be a great game changer for online traffic growth.

Guest blogging, Blogging and forum participation.

it is here bay blogger will going to spam and will be not to use in the web 2.0

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Voice search, AMP, Featured snippets & Arificial Intelligence are SEO trends for 2018

SEO trends in 2018 would be

  1. Voice search
  2. Artificial intelligence
  3. Manipulative guest posting
  4. Mobile first indexing

It is very interesting to learn this

Some SEO new trends are

  1. Voice search
  2. Featured snippets
  3. Artificial intelligence
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