The year 2019 has brought new hopes with its arrivals. People around the world are looking for new web development trends the year is going to bring with it. People who are running their website online is looking forward to the emerging trends to adapt the best possible changes and discard any unsuitable or unnecessary. As trends keep changing in term of sustainability, functionality, web design and development.

Top Web Development Trends To Follow
  • Bold and better colours
  • Single page websites
  • The growth in mobile web designs
  • AI and chat boats
  • Static website
  • Organic backgrounds and shapes

This is all i can suggest rest if there are any other suggestions, please do suggest i m open for it and will definitely try to apply from my side for future reference.

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This sounds like the list for 2017, but not to worry - those topics will still be around in 2019. My personal list would include

  • APIs (both production and consumption),
  • Security of applications and data,
  • GDPR compliance if you haven't already done it,
  • The changed posture of Google Maps (it's a pay service now),
  • IOT implementations.