Just wondering how DW is doing re posts. I pass by from time to time and peruse the webdev forum. Apart from code snippets from Dani, I see very little new stuff. Am I missing something? Is it just that forum that's showing old posts? Even when I turn off the filter, it seems pretty quiet.

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There is a lot of the same old mindless drivel about SEO, backlinks and such, and a lot of homework posting. There was one interesting discussion a while back in the former geeks-lounge re Quebec's proposed religious symbols legislation. Aside from java questions (which I am not qualified to answer) there hasn't been much going on outside of pharma-banning and necro-posting.

Agreed about the SEO posts. I find most are are disingenuous to spam or shill jobs. So many that if anyone was sincere they may be lost to me if they lead with the usual "my ratings have dropped, this is my site, what am I doing wrong?" Or worse.

That aside there was a few OP-ED pieces by a new member which was nice to see.

Dani has compared her work to a newspaper. Maybe that's the next move for the homepage. News that we read or news that we find interesting. I'm not sure the social "connect with" is working out.

Yeah, traffic has been poor recently, as has activity. There was a strong uptick that lasted for a few months after our relaunch back in October, then it plateaued, and now the past few weeks have seen a decline.

I'm not giving up on user matching quite yet. I'm actually doubling down on it right now. We'll see what happens.

OK thanks guys :)

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