Serious question. I'm really interested in what you actually use DaniWeb for and what you get out of your membership?

  1. What is the main thing you do when you are visiting DaniWeb?

  2. Is there anything you'd like to do that you can't currently?

  3. Do you have one tip to pass onto others so they can get the best out of their time here?

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I'll kick things off.

  1. I am here mainly for the community, to connect with other users and learn from them while hopefully sharing some of my knowledge and experience in return.

  2. I'm an admin so can do anyhting I want. Muhahahaha. Or, more seriously, not that I can think of...

  3. Participate. Simple as. Be that through asking or answering questions or connecting with other members. Being a passive member is OK, but being an active one is far more rewarding in my never humble opinion.

what you get out of your membership?

I'm now retired with 50 years of programming experience about to follow me into the grave. What I get from DaniWeb is a way to pass on some of that experience and learning to a new generation. It's a way of repaying all those people who did the same for me over the years.

  1. I look for questions I think I can answer
  2. I'm a moderator, so I can everything I actually want to. Also Muhahha
  3. If you're asking a question include ALL the relevent information.

Pretty much the same as James. Also retired with too may years of experience under my belt. I like two kinds of questions in particular:

  1. Those I can answer off the top of my head.
  2. Those that I can answer with some effort that give me a chance to learn something new.

As for the above questions...

  1. I always start at to see the latest posts and check for spam, Then I go through the non-spam and look for questions that I can answer.
  2. I'm pretty much doing all that I want. As a mod I have all the power I can handle.
  3. The effort you get back is related to the effort you put in. The better the quality of the question, the better the quality of the answer.

Those that I can answer with some effort that give me a chance to learn something new.

Oh yes. I wish I'd said that as well. 100% agree.

A great idea with great people , that brought a communication channel but since then it has lost its purpose and it has filled with misery against big companies like Google , as if the content served here doesn’t matter at all , as if it were a SEO game. DaniWeb was a great site to help others , hear more opinions and even change your mind in some things (I have made great shifts in my programming ideas over the years though DaniWeb and the people behind it). It’s not dead yet its zombie but its going to die with that attitude. Many of us warned Dani early on , many years ago , but she was fine with the decline of DaniWeb and blaming too much Google (if no great content is there why to promote it). Then it became that bitter sense of “all the word is the opponent” the big SEO companies , the big search engines and even we that we proposed different things. It wasn’t as much as to change , as to evolute , but then she had the “Dazah”. So what DaniWeb means for me is a lost opportunity , and a big “NOTICE” in a temporary success , when me and others told those to Dani few years ago (to evolve DaniWeb and make it a forum + news site for programmers) she considered us, and treated us , as enemies. Now is filled with misery against big companies , spam , weird questions and few old fine people. Is there a change to save what ever left from that fire ? I don’t know but I don’t see anyone having the willing or the means trying it.

(1) I am somewhat new to programming so I just wanted to join this website to get programming advise. I have gotting some help and I really appreciate it.

(2) I wish you can "re-edit" topics that you post if your question was originally too lengthy or hard to understand. "DaniWeb" does not allow for that unfortunately so you would have to post another discussion topic that was done correctly the first time. I only mention this becasue having the creator of the content fix thier mistakes can help the information on this website become more clear.

(3) I have not posted as many topics on this website unlike others on this website so I don't know how much information I can pass along. However I hope people will contiune to pass along helpful information regarding the "Technology Field". The only website I can think of that is dedicated creating a form for those discussing the "Field of Technology" is "" however it is acutally a network of sites that includes "" (a math form), "" (a computer science form), "" (a general form) and other websites listed on this website here: "".

"Stack Exchange" is not a bad website to browse however I enjoy using "Dani Web" since it is purly a "Technology Based" site and has more information on it than just prgramming advise but also lean about different "Operating Systems" such as "Microsoft", "Macintosh", "Linux" and more. Therefore it is also a very versatile website. I just hope people will use the website in this way in order to get the best out of the website.

Daniweb does allow you to edit a post but only within a 30 minute window of when you first posted it. This allows you to make corrections to things that you notice (if you are like me) immediately after you click "Post". If you need to add further information outside of the window you can always add another post to the thread explaining the addition or correction.

commented: That's also true. After all, I guess if you don't catch the mistake before the 30 minutes then you can explain your mistake in the "thread". +0
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