Hey everybody, not sure if this is in the right spot or not but the main knowledge I have is C# so that's why I posted here. I was wondering if anybody could give me advice on where I can go to find a decent (not even looking for high paying) job in the software development field. The only problem is I have an A.A.S (Associate of Applied Science) in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Software Development with and even greater concentration in the C# and Java languages. I also have zero real world work experience. So with all that in mind is it possible for me to find a job in this field with credentials like that? Also going back to school is sort of out of the questions for a least a good 3-5 years (getting married and having kids puts a damper on those plans). I appreciate any and all advice given (if productive and not just posted to bad mouth :D). Thank you again

A VERY Desperate Programmer

I'm not sure how much help I can be. I have over 28 years experience in IT/IS but haven't worked since 11/2004. However...

There is one advantage that programmers have that can make a huge difference in finding work. That is a portfolio of existing work. It doesn't have to be code written in a previous position. Anything you have done on your own or, even better, for an open source project counts. You can try CodePlex (http://www.codeplex.com/) to start.

Hope that gives you a starting point.


Any advice is help right now. Also I love the avatar :-)

Thank you,

John your best bet is to network with others who already have jobs in the industry you are interested in, this means finding other programmers who are working in your area and find out if there are any local jobs available and starting from ground up. Even if the job is not starting out as a programmer, if there is an IT shop in the company that does the type of programming you are trained in you have a good shot of stepping into that role, but first you must get hired into the company, tech support, or anything that is an entry level job would do.

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